Technology for Investigative Journalism Conference

This Wiki gathers some of the knowledge shared in our first conference on Technology for Investigative Journalism Conference, which was held at City University, London, September 19-20, 2015.

The event brought together journalists who specialize in cross-national collaborations and technologists working on tools to support them.

Everyone doing networked investigative reporting faces similar challenges, including access to data, the usability of analysis tools, and the difficulty of determining who knows what among your collaborators. Solving these problems will require a new generation of software, but we will also need to find different ways of working together, and create models for sustained funding.

The event ended up with some consensus on goals, organization, and technical approaches.

Sessions, Workshops & Demo sessions

Saturday, September 19th

Sunday, September 20th


  • Adam Hooper (Overview Project)
  • Andy Lulham (Unlock Democracy / Spinwatch)
  • Annabel Church (Influence Mapping Group)
  • Blaine Cook (Poetica)
  • Caelainn Barr (The Guardian)
  • Chris Taggart (OpenCorporates, Influence Mapping Group)
  • Dan O’Huiguinn (OpenOil)
  • Didier Orel (Tamedia AG)
  • Drew Sullivan (OCCRP)
  • Eva Constantaras (Internews)
  • Friedrich Lindenberg (Influence Mapping Group)
  • Helena Bengtsson (The Guardian)
  • James McKinney (Influence Mapping Group)
  • Jonathan Stray (Overview Project)
  • Jun Matsushita (iilab)
  • Kat Austen (iilab)
  • Kevin Connor (LittleSis, Influence Mapping Group)
  • Mar Cabra (ICIJ)
  • Matt Caruana Galizia (ICIJ)
  • Max Harlow (TBIJ)
  • Miguel Paz (Poderopedia, Influence Mapping Group)
  • Mike Tigas (ProPublica)
  • Paola Mosso (Influence Mapping Group)
  • Paul Radu (OCCRP)
  • Smari McCarthy (OCCRP)
  • Stephen Grey (Thomson Reuters)
  • Titus Platner (Le Matin di Manche)
  • Tom Walker (theengineroom)
  • Tony Bowden (EveryPolitician)
  • Will Franklin (The Guardian)