Oligrapher is a JavaScript app for visualizing network graphs. It allows a user to design an interactive network graph using a combination of imported or manually entered data. It also has a storytelling feature – users can also create a collection of annotations in order to walk audiences through different sections of the graph.

Oligrapher is optimized for storytelling with relatively small sets of nodes and edges, and is not intended to handle complex graph analysis. Go here for an example of an annotated Oligraph about a US Senator, a telecom merger, and a conflict of interest.

Oligrapher was originally developed by LittleSis, for use with LittleSis data on power networks in the US. In early 2016, with the support of the Influence Mapping network, it was separated into a standalone library so that it can work with non-LittleSis data sources and sites. LittleSis has a large collection of maps created with Oligrapher.

Oligrapher 2 is built with React and Redux and is bundled into a single JavaScript file that is easy to run on any web page.

Full documentation and code can be found at github. Please get in touch with us at admin@littlesis.org if you have questions or feedback.