Influence Mapping Tools

Aleph Toys for sifting through large sets of documents
ANTA Text to entities processing tool
Archieml ArchieML is a structured text format optimized for human writability.
Capital IQ Company data, pricing and market, analytics and research.
Cytoscape Network Data Integration, Analysis, and Visualization in a Box
Cytoscape.js Graph theory (a.k.a. network) library for analysis and visualisation
D3plus d3plus is an extension to the D3 library that allows fast and easy creation of data visualizations.
Data Commons
Data Wrangler
Data Wrapper
Diff Match and Patch libraries
django-rolodex Manage people and links in your CMS
Document Cloud
EveryPolitician EveryPolitician aims to provide data about every politician in the world.
GCD Lotus Notes coprorate mapping plugin used by corporate lawyers
Gephi Graph analysis and visualization desktop tool
Google Fusion Tables
Google Web Tables
Grano Connect the dots between people, institutions and companies
Graph Commons Graph Commons is a collaborative 'network mapping' platform and a knowledge base of relationships. You can create, navigate, and distribute network maps, learn about the relationships between organizations, people, and concepts.
Gruff Gruff is an interactive triple-store browser, query manager, and editor.
Hyphe Hyphe is a web corpus curation tool featuring a research-driven web crawler
i2 Analysts Notebook Fancy commercial network analysis application
ICIJ Extract
Keylines KeyLines is a technology for understanding connected data. By exploring the networks in your data, you will find patterns and trends that are otherwise hidden, generating actionable insight. Graph editing, publishing and presentation tool for system science, stakeholder maps and other networks.
Linkurious Linkurious helps search and visualize your graph data through a simple web-based interface.
Linkuriousjs Javascript visualization toolkit for graph visualization and interaction. Provides a collection of HTML5 features based on Sigma.js
loom Interactive generation of corporate networks
Lynksoft Graph editing and publishing tool
Maltego Web crawler and entity mapping tool
Manylines Explore networks and publish narratives.
Mapa76 / Document entity extraction for large datasets A scraping platform
Mr. Data Converter convert Excel data into one of several web-friendly formats, including HTML, JSON and XML
Mr. People Parse and extract names.
Network Mapper Mapping out and visualizing the connections between people and groups can dramatically improve our understanding of the affiliations and key nodes of influence between them.
NodeMapper NodeMapper is a opinionated D3.js data visualization library that allows you to create and manage network visualizations in a simple way so you can use your time on customizing it as you see fit. A project by Poderomedia Foundation.
NodeXL Excel plugin for social network analysis
NUIX Used in ICIJ Offshore Leaks
Oligrapher LittleSis' topic-specific networks tool
Open Refine
Overview Visualize and query bulk of pdf documents
Palantir Gotham Entities & events mega-integration thingie
Palladio Palladio is a web-based platform for the visualization of complex, multi-dimensional data.
PoderoPedia Plug & Play
PoderVocab Ontology for Poderopedia
PopIt Reference data server for people in PMO settings
Popolo Data standard for people, organisations, roles
RAW Visualization tool for non visualization people
Relationship Science Analysis of individual and corporate networks to identify links and influence
Scraper Lobbyliste
Sigma.js JS library for rendering network diagrams
Storyweb A contextual news development environment.
Structur Structr is a Java framework for mobile and web applications based on the graph database Neo4j.
Table 2 Net
Tableau software
Tabula Liberate data from tables from PDF
Tags Extract tweets to spreadsheet and visualize it
Timelines GitHub-style collaboration graphs
Timesheet.js Simple JavaScript library to create HTML time sheets.
Transparency Toolkit Data acquisition from multiple sources
UCINet Scientific desktop social network analysis tool
Untangled tbd
VIS (Visual Investigative Scenarios) (VIS) is a data visualization platform designed to assist investigative journalists, activists and others in mapping complex business or crime networks.
Warren Make sense of the warren of relationships between people, groups, places and more with this GraphDB tool.
WikiTalk Parser
yED Desktop graph editor, diverse layouts
Your Next Representative The high quality source of free candidate data for the UK 2015 General Election