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IM Roundup Oct-Nov 1

HU.S. Election: The NY Times showed a live gauge to show the current forecast for Clinton and Trump

During the election, The New York Times showed a live gauge to show the current forecast for Clinton and Trump. It moved to show a 25th to 75th percentile band of uncertainty. How do you get the general public to understand more concretely?

U.S. Elections

This month the US Elections led to great number of stories with data, investigative journalism and visualizations:

  • A guide to Public Records and the Trump Presidential Transition (MuckRock)
  • A new era: our elections now will be decided by hackers and leaked data (The Guardian)
  • After Trump’s win, news organizations see a bump in subscriptions and donations (NiemanLab)
  • Journalists fear for their profession under Trump – and some, for their safety (Politico)
  • Why botched election predictions don't herald the end of data journalism (Digiday)
  • Trump’s Win Isn’t the Death of Data—It Was Flawed All Along (Wired)

Other stories & thoughts from this month

This month’s learnings on…

  • Improving the UK digital statute book through collaborative maintenance (ODI)
  • Getting your open data project started (Open Data Delaware)

  • How to win international reporting grants (Ijnet)

  • What is “Open Washing”? (Web Foundation)

  • The basics of phishing attacks: What journalists need to know to stay safe (Ijnet)

Month's Toolkit

IM Roundup Oct-Nov 2

Resources on...


“Data has the potential to help communities understand their biggest challenges – why people become sick or well, why development initiatives succeed or fail, how government actions align with citizens’ priorities.

This report explains the role of data journalists and open data, and lays out the key considerations that can help predict the success or failure of new data journalism initiatives” (Internews).


IM Roundup Oct-Nov 4

CONVOCA launches the new map of power in Perú #ExpedienteDelPoder. Presented as a game “Juegos del Poder” is a great visualization about how are political parties financed.

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