May’s Science Fair: Find new resources to analyze and visualize power networks


Last Tuesday May 24th we gathered again to share projects, tools and prototypes around influence mapping. This time the Influence Mapping Group shared with the community two projects on which the groups has been working on these past months.

The first one is the new website which will integrate the Influence Mapping Toolbox, a resource developed by the iilab team which will help both newcomers and experienced mappers get started, learn and achieve their influence mapping goals.

The Toolbox will feature case studies, projects, methods and available tools, along with practices of collaboration for a variety of teams and projects.

For the beta version of the site, along with the Influence Mapping Toolbox, you can go here and the repo is available here. This platform will soon have available collaborative mechanisms for the influence mapping community.

The group also introduced Oligrapher 2, a follow-on to the visual network exploration tool developed by Littlesis, designed to be easily deployable by any projects using the ‘Who’s got Dirt’ standard (Repo here).

You can take a look at a few of its features here:


We invite you to see our Hangout, where these projects were presented in depth, and share your thoughts around them: