Meet Onodo, the new influence mapping project from Civio

Onodo ENG

Our next online Science Fair will take place on January 19th, and will host the presentation of Onodo, “an open, replicable and collaborative platform to facilitate the analysis of networks and relationships in any field of knowledge”. The tool is based on the initial development of the project Who Rules, a map of power in Spain.

To present it, we’ll be joined by David Cabo, founder of Civio.

Onodo is a project by Civio, the team behind Your Right to Know, Where do my takes go?, The Pardonometer, Our daily BOE, Who Rules and Spain in Flames.  It’s being developed in collaboration with Barcelona Media.


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Science Fair aims to share projects, ideas and prototypes in which the Influence Mapping community is working. It addresses the challenges they are facing in their development and also in reaching their users.