December Science Fair: Meet the Narcodata Influence Mappers + PEP's Database Prototype

Science Fair Narcodata Edition

Next Friday 18th, the team behind the recently launched NarcoData will be talking about their project around organized crime and drug trafficking in Mexico.

“The Mexican state has failed in giving its citizens accurate, updated, and systematic information about the fight against organized crime,” said Dulce Ramos, editor-in-chief of the Mexican digital news site Animal Politico and the General coordinator for NarcoData to Nieman Lab. “NarcoData wants to fill that empty space.” NarcoData is a collaboration between Animal Politico and data journalism platform Poderopedia. On the other hand, Friedrich Lindenberg will be talking about the prototype of the dataset that combines names and details for persons and entities of interestSuch entities include political leaders as well as entities sanctioned by various governemnts (e.g. connected to criminal and terrorist activity), or those barred from public procurement. Why would this be useful? Let's say you are working as a journalist and you have received a leaked database, a document stash or a fresh open data release that you'd like to dig through. The next question is: what are you going to search for? This dataset gives a possible answer: by cross-referencing with sanctions lists and names of political leaders you can produce leads, which you can then check for political and criminal relevance.
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