Influence Mapping Group

Explore the influence of personal ties, economic interests and other relationships on politics and society.

The influence mappers community brings together power cartographers from across the world to find out what works and what doesn’t in data-driven social network analysis projects,

develop standards that can be used to share data across projects, and share technologies that help structure, visualize and analyze influence networks.

We bring together activists, journalists, coders, political scientists and others interested in data-driven methods analysing political and economic power.

The influence mapping toolbox brings together resources to help you find out how to approach, design and implement a data-driven influence mapping project.

We're working on re-usable tools, including Who's Got Dirt?, a data standard for cross-platform queries, and Oligrapher 2, a network narrative tool.

Latest blog posts

May - June Roundup: Thoughts and tools for & from the data practitioners

Stories and thoughts Fully Loaded: Inside the shadowy world of America’s 10 biggest gunmakers: Meet the moguls making a killing from gun sales in the USA “Their obscurity would seem unremarkable if we were talking about the biggest manufacturers of auto accessories or heating systems. But thes...

Posted 01 Jul 2016, Read more

Science Fair: Ojo Público compartirá cómo han abordado grandes retos tecnológicos para el periodismo de investigación

El próximo martes 5 de julio nos reuniremos con el team de Ojo Público, organización de periodismo de investigación de Perú, quienes conversarán con la comunidad de influence mapping sobre sobre uno de los proyectos que supuso un gran reto tecnológico para la organización. Se trata de Candidato...

Posted 16 Jun 2016, Read more

Science Fair: Ojo Publico and Graph Commons meet to share their experience on mapping power networks

On Tuesday, July 5th we will Hangout with the team of Ojo Público, an investigative journalism organization from Peru, who will share with the influence mapping community the process and results of one of the projects that meant a major technological challenge for the organization. Candidatos y ...

Posted 16 Jun 2016, Read more

April Roundup: Thoughts and tools for & from the data practitioners

Stories and thoughts Explore Panama Papers and its data model As you may know, you can now explore and find out who is behind almost 320,000 offshore companies and trusts from the Panama Papers investigation. The team also suggests how to use the database. Check out the graph data model used by...

Posted 20 May 2016, Read more

Science Fair de Mayo: Conoce nuevos recursos para analizar y visualizar redes de poder

El pasado Martes 24 nos reunimos nuevamente a compartir proyectos, herramientas y prototipos en torno al mapeo de influencias. Esta vez el Influence Mapping Group compartirá con la comunidad dos proyectos en los que ha estado trabajando durante este tiempo. El primero de ellos es el nuevo siti...

Posted 02 May 2016, Read more

May’s Science Fair: Find new resources to analyze and visualize power networks

Last Tuesday May 24th we gathered again to share projects, tools and prototypes around influence mapping. This time the Influence Mapping Group shared with the community two projects on which the groups has been working on these past months. The first one is the new website which will integrat...

Posted 02 May 2016, Read more